5 Fall Trends You Need To Know In 2023

5 Fall Trends You Need To Know In 2023

As the leaves start to change and the temperature begins to drop, it's time to update your wardrobe to stay on top of the latest fall fashion trends. Here are five must-know fall trends for 2023: (Also check out our website for some new fall arrivals: https://mimosastyleco.com/collections/263806320706

  1. 1. Textures: Texture is always fun to play with. Popular textures are leather, lace, fur, denim and shimmer this season. The trend also takes it up a notch by doubling up on outfit textures like, denim and denim or leather and leather. Whatever your fancy, just add a little something to add interest and appeal to your look.
  2. 2. Color Tones: Colors are always fun to play with and fall colors always remind us of the changing leaves. This fall, embrace beautiful colors like plum, fig and red this season, as well as black and white to add depth to your fall outfits.
  3. 3. Stripes: Whether it's bold stripes or classic pin stripes, you will see it everywhere. Pick your favorite and rock it.
  4. 4. Statement Outerwear: Make a statement with your outerwear this season. Opt for oversized bold sweaters, coats and jackets in vibrant colors or unique patterns. Fluffy, puffy, and fuzzy are a hit this year. A statement coat can instantly elevate any outfit.
  5. 5. Accessories: Bold, big and beautiful is here. Think large oversized handbags and chunky statement jewelry. These can turn any simple outfit into a fashionable statement.

By incorporating these five fall trends into your wardrobe, you'll stay fashion-forward and ready to embrace the season in style. Whether you prefer cozy knits or bold statement pieces, there's something for everyone in the fall fashion trends of 2023. Link to some new arrivals on trend: https://mimosastyleco.com/collections/263806320706

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